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nakia - June 12, 2011 - 9:15 pm

FABULOUS!!!! CANNOT wait to see the “about me” vid!! xoxo ur amazing!

Sarah Adams - June 12, 2011 - 9:41 pm

That was an amazing video!

Robin Liston Yeubanks - June 13, 2011 - 1:26 pm

I cried all the way through this video, she did an amazing job… of course it helped that she had such an amazing bride and groom. and lets not forget the brides awesome FAMILY! Love you Nakia, Aunt Robi

bijuphotography - March 17, 2012 - 8:56 am

Whats beautiful about this video is its very touching. Your work definitely touches the right cord. Love it.

Gillian - April 4, 2013 - 3:36 am

Absolutely LOVE the photos and the photographer! We had a blast!! Thanks Jen!

Fundraising Event ~ Ft. Belvoir, VA $15 Mini Sessions!

As many of you know I took last year off to have our baby girl and I couldn’t have made it this far without the help of my amazing Husband, Mother, Doula, the hospital Lactation Consultants and the La Leche League! The LLL being my continued saving grace whenever I have any issues, stress, want to vent, beam with pride, or problem solve! As I have always been keen on giving back in many ways to charities and organizations every year, this year I dedicate to my local LLL chapter by doing a fundraising event I hope will be at the very least a little help! My way of giving back to an awesome group of women that have supported me through this awesome journey of motherhood and breastfeeding! I hope you can join us, it will be a blast!


There are a few tables in a small shaded area and a playground for you to enjoy while waiting your turn, feel free to bring a picnic with you and hang out with us!

To pre register please CLICK HERE


If you DO have a military or DOD ID card: If you are familiar with the post – make your way toward the Commissary via Gorgas Road and skip to #5 in the NO ID directions below these…


1.       Via 286 (Fairfax County Parkway) Enter through Kingman Gate (on John J Kingman Road). Continue straight after gate on John J Kingman Road until you come to Woodlawn Road (you will pass the new entrance to the new Exchange).
2.       Take a Right onto Woodlawn Road.  Follow Woodlawn Road straight through the next stop light (eventually you will pass the Commissary on your right and will see housing on your left once you reach the stop light). Keep on Woodlawn Road until you reach Halleck Blvd.
3.       Take a left onto Halleck Blvd at the end of Halleck is the Park! You will need to find street parking. Come join in the fun!





If you do NOT have a military or DOD ID card:   Please enter the base through the Tulley Gate. You will need your driver will need to provide your driver’s license and all other occupants of the car will need a photo ID (children excluded) to get on base. Please follow these directions:

1.       Via Richmond Hwy (Route 1) make your way to the Tulley Gate of Ft. Belvoir. It is just east of 286 (Fairfax County Parkway) There is a large sign that says Fort Belvoir Tulley Gate (Pohick Road).

2.       Follow Pohick Road to the Gate and once you are through continue straight until you come to Gunston Road.

3.       Take a Left onto Gunston Road. Continue on Gunston Road until you come to Gorgas Road (It is a long road – just keep going, trust me. You will pass a bunch of buildings then a whole lot of nothing, then you’ll come upon a gas station and a stop light, that is Gorgas Rd).

4.       Take a Right onto Gorgas Road. Continue down Gorgas road past the bank, pool, and church. You will eventually come to a stop light at Woodlawn Road.

5.       Take a right onto Woodlawn Road. Continue until you reach Halleck Blvd.

6.       Take a left onto Halleck Blvd at the end of Halleck is the Park! You will need to find street parking. Come join in the fun!



For GPS purposes you can type in Halleck Blvd Fort Belvoir VA 22060 but I can’t promise your GPS will take you to the right gate!:DYou can type it into google maps however and see a physical map if it helps:D


Spring Limited Edition and 1st Annual Mommy and Me Mini Sessions!

2014 will be the first Mother’s day I get to celebrate as a Mom and as a way to highlight this milestone in my life I am offering a new Mommy and Me Mini Session. Also, as always in the Spring time, my Limited Edition Sessions are on now! I am already close to booking up for both of these, I have a few spots left for Limited Edition and half my spots left for the Mini sessions so call now to get your date booked!


Family ~ Danny 1 year!

This little one was set and determined to not get dirty! We put a cake in front of him and he had no clue what we wanted him to do. The best part was when we showed him, he humored us for a bit then promptly grabbed one of the wipes sitting nearby to help clean up after and wiped up his hands, then tried to “wipe clean” the cake itself! Darn frosting, getting on everything! So cute!!! One of my favorite photos of the entire session though was Dad singing and playing guitar to his son – sweetest moment ever!

Engaged ~ Mike and Danielle!

By far one of my favorite sessions to date! These two are so much fun, not to mention their awesome three legged cat! He proposed via an actual DOLPHIN! They cook together, love sushi, have the coolest his and her bikes and cars, they surf together, have weekly dates at a local hot spot, play chess, go camping, compete at guitar hero – you name it, these guys do it together, and it ROCKS! <3 you guys!