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Brenda + Allen: Elopement!

I arrived at Grisso Mansion, the wind whipping about on this cold winter day in Seminole, OK, delighted to be doing what I love most. Capturing real moments. As I pulled up to the mansion I was immediately taken by the picturesque grounds and enchanting architectural details! It reminded me of many of the places […]

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Megan + Ben ~ Married!

Megan was at the hall, helping to set up for the wedding, directing those asking for help, gathering things to put on tables, and taking a few deep breaths. She was in designer mode, concentrating, keeping busy, laughing, and clearly ready for the day! As Ben was getting ready, the house fell silent… It was […]

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Melissa + Rick ~ Married!

Melissa took a deep breath in, and very slowly let it out. It seemed obvious she was a tiny ball of nerves on her wedding day, but it was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, and all was going as planned… With a small exception, the Groom was on his way already and the […]

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