Meet Jenna!


When you hire a Photographer, you are not just doing so for that person’s photographic style and abilities. You are hiring them because they are who they are, for their personality, not just their ability to handle a camera. Of course all that is very important – but comparatively, we are photographers. That is what we do, but our edge, what truly makes us unique, is who we are as people and how that is translated into your photographic experience.

This is why, on my blog, I share personal stories as well as the wedding and engagement sessions I do. It gives you an opportunity to see who I am and what I’m up to when I’m not covering weddings. You see, I could tell you I’ve had a love for photography all my life, that I started with a 110 camera when I was very little. I could also say that my Father, Aunt, and Grandparents all have had the photography bug as well… That I am a student of the New York Institute of Photography… That I’m a Canon loyalist… But that isn’t very fun!

The truth is I’m a quirky gal, and if I do say so myself, pretty fun! I’m a proud wife and am fiercely in love with my husband. I went to High School in England where I met my husband, and it took us eight years of real life after high school to figure out we were supposed to be together! True love prevails! <3 Oh, did I mention, I’m a romantic…

I LOVE the arts, music, painting, poetry, and theater. The moon is one of my favorite things, and chocolate makes me happy. No. Like really happy! I love earl grey tea with *gasp* cream and lots of sugar and I have a small circle of friends that are like family to me and have known for years and years…

If you really want to know more – and believe me, there is a lot more – you can find out some more fun facts about me below- or you could just give me a call and come hang out for a while!

This is just a little me, bundled up onto one page. Enjoy!


I sing a lot. I don’t profess to be any good, but I sing a lot. I also do karaoke, 100% sober. Lol.


I am a foodie and proud of it. I have a love for good culinary delights, adore trying new things, and enjoy spending time in the kitchen. If I’m going to eat something, it has to be worth it.


Often, when alone, and occasionally when others are around, I will jump in puddles and frolic in the rain. I wish my camera equipment were as waterproof.


I have a passion for all things dark, opulent, and stunning…  Beautiful things are my downfall and I find beauty in how a cathedral was built just as much as I do in the way the air smells after a storm, or the storm itself… Even in the most tragic of times, one can find beauty in world. Then the camera comes out!


When I’m sick (which doesn’t happen often) I eat the spiciest Indian food I can find. Lamb biryani is my favorite. If I can’t handle it, then I’m all about homemade soup, a good book, some Audrey Hepburn movies, and not getting out of bed until I’m better.


I tend to break out in dance randomly, even if there is no music, chances are I have a song in my head. I generally make a fool of myself – and I’m perfectly fine with that. It also makes my husband laugh. I like it when he laughs. :~)


I own two recurve bows, handmade arrows, with no sites, and I know how to use them. But then, I also own armor, and have been known to wear it and beat people (also in armor) with sticks. What can I say – it’s the football of the SCAdian world! Additionally, it makes for great stress relief! ***Kids don’t try this at home – it’s a highly regulated sport! Seriously!


If I had the means to do anything I wanted, I’d spend the rest of my days traveling the world with my husband, going on adventures. Yes, I’d still do wedding photography!


Earl Grey tea, Pumpkin soy steamers, and garlic stuffed olives make me happy… Um, enjoyed separately…


I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my husband… He is my foundation, my rock, my reason. Despite my very independent nature, I simply can’t imagine a life without him.


I am a very proud mother to a very happy and smiling little girl!