Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ The [ b ] school

So this one is for all my photog friends out there! The [ b ] school has been a guiding light for me since before I started my business.

I just couldn’t say it any better.

The forums and clubs help us all create a safe community for like minded photographers to share ideas, get help and ask questions, network, and chat about all things us photogs geek over when it comes to photography. Among my favorite things are the videos which are spectacularly helpful. We as lone photographers, often don’t have a “water cooler” to hang around. We usually don’t have co workers to chat with throughout our day. We don’t get to take a break from work and see what others are up to or to get a breather and learn something new without having to attend a workshop. The [ b ] school is the water cooler!

It is also full of super awesome photographers like me! So check it out! We’d love to have you. I have met some amazing friends and whenever I travel to photography events around the world, I know I can count on my fellow [ b ] schoolers to be there to share in the experiences together! I <3 my [ b ] school buddies! 😀 Come see what it's all about by following the link below:

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