Project 365?! Great idea, but too much!

I like to stay busy, but I have a bad habit of putting too much on my plate. I like to know I always have something to do, yet I know I need to simplify my life a bit, and it’s taking more self discipline to do it than I thought it would. That said, I am always looking for photography projects as a way to constantly improve on my skills. After all, I’m a firm believer that I can always learn more, do more, and “continuing education” is a great way to stay on top of it all! I love photography projects – yes, I know, I’m weird because I basically give myself homework! Hey, someone has to do it! Lol.

I came across this website: I’ve heard of it before, but never really looked at it… The concept is simple in theory, take a photograph every day for a year to document your life. I couldn’t possibly keep up with that, I have too much on my plate. But I LOVE the idea. So here it goes. I’m making an online commitment to myself and to you, my readers, to both expand my photography experience, try new things, share a bit more about what is going on in my life, and get me in the habit of a regular blogging schedule. 365 is too much however and I know this. Perhaps one year, I’ll do that, but this is NOT that year!

So here it is. I’m doing a 52project. I am going to pick one day a week to have a regular post of a picture I took that very week! Now to just try and rid my husband of his camera shy tendencies… Lol.

This week I dug out my own viel. I made it, but I never wore it at my wedding. After getting the dress on, it seemed like too much, so I left it off… And I’m sad about that because I never got any photographs – and it’s gorgeous! I always have found viels a challenge to photograph – so I thought, why not, it’s a good start to my 52 Project.

On a different note – yesterday, I took a picture of these birds in my back yard… Yes, my back yard.

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