Stephanie + Cody Engaged! Sebastian, FL.

The first time I met Stephanie and Cody was at this session… Cody gets out of their pickup, and shakes my hand… He strikes me as the strong silent type, ever so slightly nervous about being in front of a camera. Maybe nervous isn’t the word… Apprehensive… He smiles as Stephanie comes up and she is simply glowing with excitement! It is so apparent the love Cody has for her, you can see it in the way he looks at her. And who wouldn’t!? She is so full of warmth, kindness, and is simply put, a super sweet gal! I immediately fell in love with the the love these two have and show for one another! 😀

It’s a warm day in Florida, but there is a bit of a breeze, the tall grass sways and the sound of the trees rustle around. It reminds me of lazy summer days spent at my Grandparents “farm” when I was little, just sitting outside with a mason jar of water and feeling the sun on my face. When they said they wanted a rustic location to do the session at, and sent me a photo of this place, I knew it was the most perfect spot ever and I wanted to shoot there so bad!!! So here we are, and it is perfect!

I learned that Stephanie and Cody are high school sweethearts, have a love for their dogs, they go hog hunting in their spare time, and they even work together! These two compliment one another in every way, and they were such a blast to work with, I hardly had to say a word! I simply can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a few weeks! And even by the end of the session Cody laughed and said how much fun he had! 😀 Yay! I just love my couples!

This is week 30 of my 52 Project.

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