Monthly Archives: June 2012

Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~

I wanted to rent a special lens for a wedding I was shooting last month. After much searching I came across and was thoroughly impressed. I know that many photographers like to go with the “Big Names” in lens rentals – two of which we see at almost every single conference we go to, […]

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Megan + Ben ~ Married!

Megan was at the hall, helping to set up for the wedding, directing those asking for help, gathering things to put on tables, and taking a few deep breaths. She was in designer mode, concentrating, keeping busy, laughing, and clearly ready for the day! As Ben was getting ready, the house fell silent… It was […]

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Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ My Favorite Apps!

So it seems that most everyone has the ability to use apps on either the Apple Device of choice (mine is my awesome iPad 2) or Droid Device (my phone – yes I know – I’m a photographer and I don’t own an iPhone… It’s okay, I’m also a PC *gasp*). With that, I thought […]

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