Monthly Archives: April 2012

Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ Date Night!

I am a BIG supporter of date night. In fact, I encourage it, no matter if you are still planning that wedding, or already married! My husband and I do date nights still, and when we do – it is a ton of fun, allows us to reconnect despite our crazy busy lives, and relax […]

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Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ D.C. Chronicles, Charm City Cake

Another installment of the D.C. Chronicles, this week I give you CAKE! Not just any cake, and technically it isn’t in D.C. at all, but my husband pointed out to me that we are going to be within decent driving distance to my favorite bakery on the PLANET! That’s right ladies and gentleman, Charm City […]

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Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ The [ b ] school

So this one is for all my photog friends out there! The [ b ] school has been a guiding light for me since before I started my business. I just couldn’t say it any better. The forums and clubs help us all create a safe community for like minded photographers to share ideas, get […]

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