Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ Inspiration

Meet Jasmine Star a fellow wedding photographer, and honestly, one of my biggest inspirations in this industry! Now, I’m not one to go all fan girl over anyone – but I may make an exception for this stunning, amazing, big hearted, gal who I swear, if we had met in elementary school (had she not been home schooled) we would have been bff’s. Yup, she’s that awesome. But for those of you who know me well, you tell me – do I do a lot of these things:

Cause who hasn’t heard me do this at one point or another?!

“I just feel so dorky…” “HEEEYYYY!” “Those are some SHOES!” “Whhatevvver” “OMG” “Love, love, love! *squee*” “eeee, so cute!” And who HASN’T seen me do a “happy dance” seriously?

By the way, if you can catch that next workshop on DO IT! She is a blast to watch, full of wonderful info that will change how you think, and so much fun!

I must have Jasmine Star on the brain because I had an amazingly inspirational dream the other day, where I met her, and we got to chat one on one for a moment… after I came out of stunned silence that she was talking with me, and my dork brain caught up to the situation and opportunity at hand I actually spoke with her. And the lesson learned was basically that I need to follow my dreams relentlessly, be strong, ignore the nay-Sayers, and be lifted up by those that matter. To follow my heart… In real life I imagine she would say much of the same things… because her message to those of us that are determine enough to plow through all the stuff we have to in order to create a successful business is to never give up and just be ourselves, to live our lives, and be free to do what we LOVE.

This year is my year of growth, of inspiration, of redesign, of taking moments to breathe and just be myself and revel in that… This is the year I restructure and redefine my couple’s experiences from start to finish… To kick that Jenna Danelle experience into an even higher gear! 😀 To be all the more fabulous, have twice the laughter, the fun, to dig into the nitty gritty of who YOU are not only as an individual, but as a COUPLE. And although I’ve already been doing all these things – I never really sat down to refine it – to define it – to streamline it…

This year I have incorporated my getting to know you surveys (say it with me, DATE NIGHT!) and it has resulted in some of the coolest, personalized experiences, sessions, and cherished photographs for my couples that I have taken yet! Couples get closer, have time to breath on the wedding day, and LOVE that they are getting a wedding DAY and not just a few too rushed hours of chaos that we have come to expect in American society as a “wedding day”… We do timeline consultations (if you are not working with a planner) – we get together for coffee – we chat on the phone – email – facebook – we drool over awesome shoes and gorgeous dresses, and because of this, we have a connection few people can say they have with their wedding photographer. I’m not just another vendor – I’m your storyteller! I am here to tell your LOVE story, and generations from now, it can be passed on, preserved, cherished…

So here is to what inspires YOU – to a new year full of fun and fabulous memories and moments – and here is to one of my inspirations – thank you Jasmine for all you do, all you are, keep on inspiring so many with your LOVE, your passion, your fun filled heart! *hugs*

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