Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ Washington D.C. Venues

Looking ahead – I thought I would share some amazing venues for a wedding in Washington D.C. That’s right, Jenna Danelle Photographer is moving home base to the metropolis that is the D.C. area! Although this grand city won’t see me for a few months yet, I thought I’d look into some of the great places I’ll be shooting weddings at in the near future (or at least, really want to shoot at, lol)… Some great places for my future brides to look into – not to mention, why NOT go to D.C. as a destination wedding? It is full of history, charm, elegance, I know you’d LOVE it! Of course I still travel all over the U.S. and am Passport ready for any wedding, anywhere in the world, but I felt it necessary to say, hello to my new “home town” of D.C.

You can see more of my pinterest board HERE to get great links to these venues, but here is a quick list for you:

The Willard ~ Classic, Sophisticated, it offers an array of rooms, located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

The Ronald Reagan Building is another gorgeous venue on Pennsylvania Avenue! I mean, check out the Woodrow Wilson Plaza! Not to mention the Pavilion…

Check out Union Station! Really beautiful and historic place located on Massachusetts Ave.

Made up of 5 Dupont Circle rowhouses you HAVE to check out the Mansion on O Street! This is one of my top favorite places I am going to have to visit my first week in D.C. without a doubt!

The Decatur House is located on H Street and is a phenomenal historic venue!

The Hay-Adams is a pretty setting to consider, as it offers panoramas of Washington’s famous landmarks: The White House, Lafayette Park, and St. John’s Church.

West Belmont Place is surrounded by more than 100 scenic acres, in Leesburg, Virginia. Choose from elegant reception rooms to a sun-splashed terrace and dazzling ballroom for a beautiful wedding!

The Dumbarton House is a historic house museum in Georgetown… Historical venues really add some extra charm!

The Fairmont is an exceptional wedding location with superb cuisine, stunning elegance and is located on M Street. They also happen to boast the Colonnade is the most elegant room in the city.

The W Hotel offers a sleek style set in the city! Check them out.

The Meridian House and the White-Meyer House, designed by renowned architect John Russell Pope, who designed the Jefferson Memorial, the National Gallery of Art (West Building) and the National Archives, are adjacent to each other and surrounded by beautiful historic gardens. This is what perfection tends to look like…

Of course there are a TON of awesome locations in this area – these are just the initial few I thought I would share… Stay tuned for more D.C. fun!!!


*Please follow the link to this pinterest board to see where these great ideas came from to include the wonderful photogs that created each photo!

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