Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ My Favorite Apps!

So it seems that most everyone has the ability to use apps on either the Apple Device of choice (mine is my awesome iPad 2) or Droid Device (my phone – yes I know – I’m a photographer and I don’t own an iPhone… It’s okay, I’m also a PC *gasp*). With that, I thought I would share some of my favorite apps, although most of these are indeed apple apps – some are also available on Droids. So here is my crazy, geeky, cool list, in no particular order:

1. Etsy: For those of you who know my love of Etsy, well, this one won’t be such a surprise. That said, I am still test running this app and am not sure that another one may suit me better. But this one is free and I had to give it a shot. Etsy is a one stop shop that allows you to buy directly from independent, creative businesses all over the world!

2. Fabric Stash: This app I have not yet gotten, but when I start up my sewing projects again – it may very well become a must have. With Fabric Stash you can keep your entire stash of fabric with you at all times by snapping a photo of your fabric, entering notes, and you are ready to sort out different projects and go shopping on the fly without worrying over matching swatches you forgot at home… This is a paid app.

3. ProCreate – sketch, paint, draw: Another app I do not yet own, but I’d really love to get at some point. I just couldn’t pass sharing this one. It is currently a paid app and has been rated as one of the best drawing/art apps there is so far. It seems as if it will be a great app, and I’d love to get back into art when I’m on the go. If anyone out there has this and has some opinions on it – I would love to hear about it!

4. NASA: Okay, so this is the little geek in me coming out to play… and yes, I have this app, and yes, I use it. I have been a little obsessed with the space program since I was a kid, and frankly, moving to the Space Coast was an adventure for me. Hearing those shuttles come back to earth – and go off for that matter – or more like, FEELING them, was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever experienced. And no, my life is not so dull… It really is quite the sight to see. So I like to get a little scientific and see what NASA is up to, this is the app I use to do it. It is also Free!

5. Geocaching: You’ve heard me talk about this before and basically, it is treasure hunting for adults. This is a paid app, and although I don’t currently use it – it is because I have no time to go geocaching right now. But you better believe that once I do have some time to go – this is the first thing I’m getting! If you haven’t been Geocaching before and you are a bit of an adventurer you HAVE to check it out!

6. iPeriod Free: Sorry, but this one is for girls only, and although it is a personal app, it is one I feel I really couldn’t live without and so I am sharing it. So if you are a gal, check out the free app. I have used it for a couple of years and love it. There is also a paid version, but the free version has served me well.

7. Draw Something Free: A super fun game, and it is free. The basis is that you play online with friends and other random gamers and you draw out a word, the other person has to guess what the word is, then you have to guess what the word is that they draw etc. It is really fun to see what others come up with and can be a challenge at times. This one is also available on Droids for sure.

8. We Rule: I have played this game for a long time, and I found it a little addicting, so you were warned. It is a free social game where you basically build a kingdom with cool buildings and people and you get goals and quests… There is a little bit of everything from castles to steampunk, asian to pirate to orc inspired items… And they just keep adding more and more cool stuff all the time!

9. Grimm’s Fairy Tales: I have a personal photo project I am working on that involves Grimm’s stories and I love this app. It is basically a book app, you can read the different fairy tales, but it has a beautiful layout, interaction, and a wide selection of works. It is also free. Just keep in mind, these are the original stories, so if you read them to your little ones, this is NOT the Disney, Happily ever after sort of stories you may think.

10. Skype: I live very far away from family and friends, I travel a lot, and I have very busy clients. This allows me to connect with everyone, via video chat, for free. For me a must have app to help me connect with all the important people in my life.

11. Grimm’s Fairy Stories and Puzzles: Okay, so another version of the Grimm Tales, and with it, old illustrations that when you double tap on them, turn into a puzzle – in case you want some double entertainment! It is a free app, and is fun, and entertaining. One of my favorite ways to do research.

12. Comics: Another app that shows my true Geek… and I’m proud of it. This allows you to purchase and view your comics right on your iPad and frankly – I love it! This one features Marvel (my fav), DC, and The Walking Dead. No, it isn’t the same for you collectors out there – but I often want to read some comics and not have them take up more room than I have to store them all… And yes, I do collect hard copies of certain comics still – a little known fact about me, I’m a dork. I love all things Marvel, but I collect Witchblade comic books by Top Cow… 😀

13. Jamie’s Recipes: Okay, so another love of mine, the food network. One of my favorite shows that you don’t see anymore – Jamie at Home… I have been a fan of Jamie Oliver for a while – this app is free, but you can purchase really cool recipe sets within it as well and it is well worth it if you are a foodie and love to cook like I do! Check it out!

14. Photogene for iPad: This paid app is the only app I really use if I want to edit a photo on my iPad for something. I don’t do this much anyway – but it is an amazing editing app. If you do need the ability to edit on your iPad, this is a must have! I like it for when I am traveling and taking personal photos I want to share!

15. Lose it!: The health and fitness app. When you use this app regularly it can really make a difference. You can set a goal weight, or a weight to maintain, and it will tell you how many calories you can have each day to reach or keep that goal. You then input what you eat and any exercise you had for the day and it calculates it all for you! It is a fabulous app if you need a little more of a visual to keep track of things for you. Lol, you should see my negative calories for the day on a wedding day because I move around so much, I burn more than I consume every time! See, it IS like a 8+ hour workout all day!

16. Relax melodies HD: This little app has served me well for a few years and it just keeps on getting better and better. It is a free app but I do believe there is also a paid version, and it is also available on Droids. It is a white noise ambiance for sleep, meditation & yoga generator and has a tone of different options. Some of my favs are the thunderstorms, crickets, and rain options. And when I’m feeling like I miss camping in the SCA I use the firepit, and drum sounds as well. 😀

17 and 18. Priceline and Kayak: I am sorry if putting these two together seems wrong, but they are two of my favorite ways to book plane, hotel, and car rentals and I couldn’t live without these handy little apps to get me the best deals for all my travel needs. And I can’t help but love that the Priceline app does the Priceline negotiator jingle when it opens! 😀

19. Notability: I couldn’t do without this app – ever. It is a paid app and it is the BEST money I have spent on an app for note taking. You can type, free hand write, draw diagrams, insert photos, and more. I use this thing the most for photo notes and when I go to workshops or a conference where I am attending multiple workshops in one day, this is how I take notes and stay organized. You can even add voice recordings to it! Seriously, if you are a student and have an iPad – this is a MUST HAVE app as well. You can then email your notes to yourself to file for later.

20. 1000 Places to See before you Die: Just like the book – this free app will tour you around the globe to tell you all the cool places you should see in your lifetime. If you like to travel and are a bit of an adventure seeker like me – you’ll appreciate this app.

21. Flipboard: This is a new way of seeing social media – it concentrates on photos and really brings social media such as facebook to life for the more visually oriented folks like myself! You’ll never want to go back to the old layout of facebook after this! This is a free app.

22. Brides HD: This is a free app that features different area Brides magazines, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas – I just find it fun to flip through.

23. Adobe Photoshop Express: This one I use to reduce noise, crop and straighten, and add borders to my photos with – if I happen to be using the iPad for photos… It is free – so I couldn’t pass it up.

24. Whole Foods Market Recipes: I like this one because if you ever host dinner for anyone that has allergies, or for yourself of course, it is a great way to get some new ideas. If you need a gluten free meal, dairy free, low fat, or just a healthy and tasty recipe, this is a fun resource. And yes, I’m a whole foods junkie – but we don’t have one close to us, so I frequent other health food type markets, and farmers markets as well… Just not as much as I’d like.

As usual – you can follow this link HERE to see my full board on these apps, and click on the app icon to go directly to the website to find out more information on each app. I would like to note that I do not get paid to recommend or review these apps in any way from them or any affiliates – I just thought this would be a fun post to share. 😀 Enjoy!

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