Mya-dorable! 23 December

First time wrapperMya and I were talking about Christmas, and giving, about presents, etc. She excitedly exclaimed “Presents for my friends Mama?” And who was I to argue (after all she only has a couple of very close friends here). So off to the toy store we went where she picked out something for each of her friends.

We just got to wrapping today, and she wrapped them all up – so excited to give them out! I have to admit, I did very little by way of helping with this whole project and she is just all lit up over it too. I’m so glad she thought of doing this!

She looks like she is concentrating hard on keeping that paper folded over while she waits for me to hand her some tape. She *may* have put several pieces of tape elsewhere before she figured out how to tape the edges down!

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