Mya-dorable! 25 December

A special day deserves a few more than one photo, don’t you think? This was the first year that Mya really understood what was going on with Christmas. The first time she’s really ripped into gifts with gusto and played with them with this much enthusiasm. It was a day of love, and giggles, and most of all family…

Christmas morning tree

Mya woke up very excited to go downstairs and see the tree… This was her expression when she saw that there were a LOT more presents under it than when she went to sleep!

Merry Christmas!

“Merry Christmas!” she exclaims, SO excited to start opening gifts!

new train tracksShe played ALL day and went from one new toy to the next! Here she is wearing her new Dr scrub top, while playing with her new train tracks, right out of the box! This got a lot more elaborate after I joined in with her too!

Have a Merry Christmas to all, may it be joyous and full of laughter and love!

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