Go for your Dreams! Flowers for me?! :D

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Those that know me know that I have given up a lot not only for love, but for a dream… They know that I worked really hard at obtaining my Master’s degree and kicked butt in my career field as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for six years! They know that I was friends with my husband in High School, and that eight years later, we realized, hey, maybe we have something here, and finally started dating. They also know that I packed up what I could fit in my car, left my friends, family, and career, all of which mean the world to me, and drove six states away to take a chance on a relationship! It was the riskiest and BEST thing I’ve ever done.

Not long after we were married, I began to pursue something I’ve dreamed about since I was little… That my “job” would be doing something I loved, something creative, something FUN! I was told at a young age that “you can’t make a career out of art” and for years I believed that… But at the brink of turning 30 I decided to take another risk. I signed up for a Professional Photography Course, got the gear, studied my tail off once again, attended countless workshops (still do), became an active part in several photography communities, saved up and got better gear, and dived in! It’s taken a lot of work since then, but I can see the progress from when I first started, and in another 5 years – I can only imagine where I’ll be!!!

So here I am, pursuing my dream! I am a wedding photographer, and I LOVE what I do! 😀 How do I know I’m on the right path? Well, lets just say that when a Bride is so happy with you, they bring YOU flowers, just to say “I hope you have a great week and I’m grateful for you being in my life,” and a Bride becomes a friend… When I get huge hugs from family and friends and see Brides tear up with joy over their photos, I know that deep down, this is what I was meant to do… I have a long journey still ahead of me, and a lot more hard work, but with the man that I adore by my side, a new career that I am truly passionate about,  Brides that absolutely ROCK, Couples that are a ton of FUN, and Laughter in my life – I think I may be on to something… <3

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A big THANK YOU for the flowers!!!! For those of you that don’t know how much these truly mean to me, it’s more than “pink is my color…” My Grandmother helped raise me, and she had Hydrangea bushes around her home, she loved them. So when I got married, because she wasn’t able to travel, one of the ways of incorporating her into our wedding was to have Blue and White Hydrangeas for our flowers… She passed away in January this year. The Bride that gave me these knew all of this – and they instantly brightened my whole week!!! So, seriously, with all my heart, Thank YOU! *hugs* (I told you my Brides ROCK)

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