Friday’s Fabulous Finds – Shoes!

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No matter if it is for everyday fun, weddings, for you or someone you love – shoes are just a great way to show off your personality, dress up your ensemble, and let others see how stylish and awesome you are! There is a little bit for everyone!

1 – No post about shoes could be without my absolute favorite designer – Fluevog shoes are mainly known to the few cities that stores can be found in, designers, and some celebs. One of those blessed cities happens to be Seattle, where I used to live and anytime I was near Pikes Place Market I would hike the couple blocks to the Fluevog store and *drool*. Let me tell you – his work is AMAZING and if I could, I would wear nothing but Fluevog’s for the rest of my life! My favorite pair of knee high boots are Fluevogs and when I lived in Washington, I wore them a good 6 days out of the week (the 7th would be the barefoot, don’t leave the house, it’s my day off, sort of day, lol)! See this shoe and more AMAZINGNESS here. <3 to John Fluevog!

2 – Spats? What!? Okay, so if you are into something a bit unique for when ever wear or under that wedding gown – these are just too great (and a bit steampunk)! See more here.

3 – Stick on some sparkle with these I DO shoe rhinestones for your wedding day – they even have a HELP ME version for the groom with a sense of humor! See more here.

4 – This is a great idea, and service that is affordable. Want to wear converse, toms, or vans on your wedding day? You provide the shoe and TheStoryofKat will put your phrase or choice of available graphic on the side! Love it!

5 – This is a custom designed shoe, and she makes some pretty creations, if you are looking for one of a kind and affordable, maybe a little vintage, look here.

6 – As I now live in a hotter climate and near the beach – barefoot sandals are a great way to show off some style! They come in a variety of patterns and colors – see the above pictured here.

7 – OMG, I came across this designer and just LOVE the colors and awesome art work! They have all kinds of shoes and some accessories to boot! See more colorful fun here!

8 – Add some pizazz with these colorful peacock shoe clips (they even have matching hair combs) see more here!

9 – Fairytale wedding? Need something blue? I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share these Cinderella shoes!

*Please follow the links to see where these great ideas came from to include the wonderful photogs that created each photo!

Alexis D. - June 6, 2011 - 3:23 am

OMG! I was looking for #6 for my beach wedding to my husband years ago and couldn’t find them ANYWHERE. I wish I had seen this back then! Great post!

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