Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ The Military Wedding

Okay, so as a military brat, and now wife, I have a great respect for all those that serve our country and the family, spouses, and friends that “serve” along with them… On that note I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite inspirational links for military weddings.

So often, military weddings are done on a tight budget, emotions can be heightened especially if the service member is about to deploy shortly after the wedding… Not to mention the wedding photos become even more important when you are going to spend a good deal of your marriage apart due to service for your country… They remind you of your beloved and when things get rough, you can take one look at them and feel instantly reconnected…

A military wedding doesn’t have to be the traditional “military wedding” and it doesn’t even have to incorporate anything to do with the military (mine didn’t, as we live with that every day) but for those that are in the military and planning a wedding… this is for you! Thank you, to the service members, and to all those people that are in your lives, for what you do. 😀

Want to add a little something to your day that speaks to your military ties – check out my favorite site, for some awesome cake toppers, garters, and so much more!

Loving You know I do! Check out some great photos for more ideas here!

Want a free gown? Military brides need to check this out!

If you like you have to see this!

And last but not least if you are military and planning a wedding – don’t forget to ask me about my Forever + Always Collection created especially for military couples! Just go to my Contact Me Page and include in the comments section that you are interested and I’ll get a Forever + Always Collection application to you asap! 😀

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