Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~ For the Groom

So to add onto the fabulousness that is that I shared last week, here is one of my growing boards “For the Groom.” I thought I’d post, as I am fascinated with all the awesomeness that today’s groom is putting forth in wedding attire, style, and attention to detail like never before.

There is a little something here for everyone, from dashing hats, stylish shoes, socks, pocket watches, cufflinks, and more! In fact, if you are a Groom to be, I highly recommend you take a quick glance for some inspiration on how to make your wedding style uniquely YOU! Go on… take a peek! Be daring! Do something different!

And don’t forget to tell your photog what your plans are so you can have some stunning photos like these too! To see this inspiration board go here. 😀 Happy Planning!


*Please follow the link to this pinterest board to see where these great ideas came from to include the wonderful photogs that created each photo!

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