Friday’s Fabulous Finds ~

For those of you who have a hectic schedule like I do, work, school, kids, pets, parties, if I don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen. That has been my mantra for YEARS. And I am known as the post-it note queen. Even back in my days as a Counselor, co-workers would buy me post-it’s as gifts, and I color coded my day-planner. Seriously, I still do that. But now I do it in a different way. Before I had to carry around a hard copy day-planner to keep all my work, business, and personal appointments and to-do’s in and I hate carrying things around. I would opt for a tiny wallet in my back pocket over a huge purse any day of the week.

So that said, my husband introduced me to the “ life” and I couldn’t be happier. You can link it in with other calendars you keep online too. There are To-do lists, shopping lists, calendars to keep for the entire family, so you can see who is doing what and when, and so much more! Go to and check it out! They provide iPhone/touch/pad apps, droid apps, and you can access it on your desktop. So I always have my schedule at my fingertips! Best of all – it’s FREE! Enjoy!

Featured: Rustic Wedding Chic ~ Online {Stephanie + Cody}

It was a rainy day that ended with a beam of sunlight, a dash of laughter, and a big portion of LOVE! I love rustic weddings, and Stephanie and Cody have a special place in my heart. They are an amazing couple – and I am so happy to be able to share their true love for one another with the world. I am proud to announce that they have been featured on the Rustic Wedding Chic blog! Check out the full feature at this LINK and enjoy!

Click here to see their engagement and wedding photos!