Mya-dorable! 17 December

a walk w DaddyWe had an amazing day traveling today and I was able to capture some Mya/Daddy time at the Reichenstein museum… Whenever she is able, she is right next to Daddy. *love* It’s the sweetest thing watching these two together.

Mya-dorable! 15 December

first ride everMya loves fire trucks. Mya loves the fire truck at ROFU… Mya in fact, loves any mini vehicle she can climb into, but lately she has been hopping into them exclaiming “Coin mama, coin!” Keeping in mind she figured out these things take coins ALL ON HER OWN. Alas I never have a coin… And she is content playing for a bit then going, coin or not. Well today I figured I would let her have her first “ride” on a fire truck. She was ecstatic to say the least. I may never get away without a coin again, but it was worth it.

Mya-dorable! 13 December

salad lover

She can never just let me eat my salad, even if she has her very own. She HAS to get into Mama’s salad, cause somehow it’s soooo much better! Salad lover… I’m not complaining, at least she likes it, but come on, leave SOME for me! Hahaha