Mya-dorable! 22 December

rainbow!She really loves her library time, and it isn’t like she hasn’t seen the new mural before… but I’m not sure she REALLY looked at it yet. Usually she is just too busy with puzzles and reading books I guess. Good thing we were mostly by ourselves the whole time because she was running back and forth from the wall to me pointing out all the cool stuff she saw. Rainbow! *pure joy*

Mya-dorable! 21 December

nativity playMya’s Godmother was so very thoughtful to send some goodies for Mya to include this gorgeous child’s Nativity set, and Mya loves it! She has been playing with it all afternoon and well into dinner time, and at bed time wanted me to read the three kings book we got from the library. After, she asked where the wooden baby Jesus, and three kings were (she only does this for her super important toys if she forgot to bring them upstairs to bed with her…) so needless to say she is smitten with her set! She is a very lucky little girl to have such an awesome Godmother!

Mya-dorable! 20 December

ChoochooMya loves her little wooden train set I found at a local thrift store, by far one of our best finds ever… It’s super tiny (what you see is what she has) but she adores putting her tracks together every which way, and arranging all the little bits that go with it. Then she pushes her train all up and down the tracks. It’s a lot of fun to just sit back and watch her build and play.

Mya-dorable! 19 December

IDaddy was working with Mya on how to say how old she was and this was the first time she could show us “two” like this! Proud moment! And yes, she actually got into my nail polish today and painted her own nails (and party of the couch… O_0 still working on that one).

Mya-dorable! 18 December

frosted a cookieHad an office party today and Mya got to frost and decorate this yummy cookie, meet Santa for the first time, and get her very first Santa present in person! She was so excited when we got there that she was running around with another kiddo for a good 10-15 mins straight – which is why her cheeks are so rosy! She ate her cookie, had some fun, and promptly passed out on the couch around 6 when we got home! Needless to say we had a late night tonight… Naps, no matter how late in the day, are not our friend here…