Mya-dorable! 10 February

longest day everAfter a week of being sick she was begging to go have a play date with her best buddy and she did. Then we went shopping, another favorite pass time of hers – but she was just increasingly antsy. Later, she cried because she had her favorite rare treat, a big soft pretzel in hand, but she wanted fish crackers… Really it was just all cause she was super tired and needed a nap. Something she does so rarely – I have to document it whenever it does happen!

Mya-dorable! 8 February

buckel into the bagMya is obsessed with playing with Daddy’s backpack – he isn’t all too thrilled with the prospect of her squishing everything in it – but alas, it’s like moths to a flame. This time, she wanted to lean back on it and “buckle up” like she was in a car! I love her imagination.