Mya-dorable! 6 January

lambieWe had our ups and downs today, but as always we try to end the day with happy notes, some down time, cuddles, and stories. Tonight before we had to go up for bed Mya grabbed her Lambie, the wheel for our Wii, and proclaimed that Lambie was driving! No idea where they were headed, but she seemed to be very happy about her adventure!

Mya-dorable! 5 January

happydance on the new bedMya got her BIG bed all set up in her room today, and she just couldn’t be more full of joy. She jumped up on it right away, rolling around! “Big bed!” she exclaimed. “Is it for me?!” “It sure is!” “Really?!?!” and then came the “I’m SO excited!” and lots and lots of “Thank you for the new big bed!” over and over again, complete with jumping, and dancing. The second Daddy got home she ran up to him and thanked him too. She seems to be a happy camper.

Mya-dorable! 4 January

roll it outMya got to play with play-doh for the first time ever today at a friends house – so we went to the store and got her a kit of her own to play with. She has been playing with it non stop since we got home! I popped open the first container of doh for her and that familiar scent brought back all of the fun and hours of imaginative play from when I was a kid! I wanted to join in but she was having such a blast discovering all it could do, I didn’t want to interrupt.

Mya-dorable! 3 January

helping blow out candlesToday was full of Birthday wishes and celebration for Daddy… She drew him a picture on his card and added a bunch of stickers to it. Gave him his gift this morning and got lots of hugs! Now it is time for candles on the cake and she knew just how to help out!