Mya-dorable! 21 January

napping on GrandmaEver since we flew back to Washington Mya started taking naps! The 9 hour time difference was a factor I’m sure, but this was the day she started, and it was so sweet. You have to understand, she rarely naps! Like hasn’t been much of a napper since 18 months… Now that we are back in Germany, well, she looks and acts like she needs them still on occasion, but she just refuses to try at all… So now we just have “quiet time” and I try to at least get her to rest that way.

Mya-dorable! 20 January

in the shedThis photo means a lot more than Mya just sitting on a tractor tire. That very tire is the one that was on the tractor I used to hang out on with my Grandpa since I was about one years old, and around Mya’s age I even got to sit in it all by myself (it wasn’t running but it was fun to pretend to drive it)… I’d ride on his lap, he taught me how to steer it, and when I was much older, I’d hop up on the tractor side and ride w him that way! Now that he has passed, this is an opportunity Mya will never have, but we have this photo, of the BIG tire sitting in the shed my Grandpa would park the tractor in…

Mya-dorable! 19 January

ER visit with MommyEver the helper, Mama had to go into the ER for bronchitis and she was a trooper. Very patiently played/sat with Grandma while I was checked out and all. She had to point out all the tools in the room (thanks Doc Mcstuffins) and was fascinated by the huge exam light hanging from the ceiling.

Mya-dorable! 18 January

can you hear meShe quickly found the old piano that my Mom and Aunt used to play with as kids (Thanks to Grandpa bringing it upstairs for her) and wanted to play for Grandma and I… She run around to get out attention “Can I play for you?!” Then run to the piano and play “Can you hear me?!”