Mya-dorable! 16 January

airplane buddy

Airplane buddies, Mya with Violet… We had a loss in the family and a very sudden 15 hour travel day to get back stateside… So here are two pictures to kick off my “catching up posting” with the project! I still took daily photos, but I was unable to edit or post them while I was gone.

Watching planes in LondonThen we got sick when we got back sooooo it has been a long few weeks. Rest assured the rest of the photos will all be up this week!!! On our layover in London, Mya watched the planes take off and land the entire time. She loves planes! In fact the entire trip over went very smoothly. I was relieved.

Mya-dorable! 15 January

scissor practiceThere is nothing more fun right now than using scissors even if what we are doing at the time in class has NOTHING to do with scissors… I pray she never tries to cut anything other than paper, I don’t even want to say it…

Mya-dorable! 14 January

found the puzzelIn cleaning out the tops of our hall closet I found this puzzle hiding away from when we moved! Mya was very happy to see it again! Thought she may have forgotten how to put it back together as she was asking for help in no time… With some encouragement though she was able to figure it all out again all on her own.

Mya-dorable! 13 January

coloring awayWhen Mya gets the inspiration to color and draw, she just goes to town! As is evident by the number of Mya art pieces we have on our walls… Sure she knows better, but hey that is a big fun canvas… Today she decided following the rules and drawing on paper wasn’t a bad thing. I think this was her drawing Roscoe – our pup…

Mya-dorable! 12 January

skyscraperSometimes Mya will play for a while in the morning in her room. She has a select number of toys allowed in her room, stuffed animals, books, and some wooden blocks pretty much sums it up. But she loves to build skyscrapers with these awesome new blocks she got for Christmas from her very thoughtful Uncle. I love how she used the stairs to put on each side of the tower…