Mya-dorable! 5 February

Ready for school!Headed to school and feeling all better, a week later! She decided she had to sport the Doc glasses as she has dubbed them. They were sunglasses for like 2 mins, she promptly decided she didn’t want them for that and she wanted “glasses” so she poked out the lens and threw them away herself!

Mya-dorable! 3 February

trudging alongWhen it is as nice a day out as you’ve seen in months, and your toddler is as stir crazy as you cause you’ve been house bound for the last 5 days sick – you bundle up, even if still in PJ’s, and you go on a walk! The fresh air did us both a LOT of good and she was looking a lot better after this too. Still tired and overall blah, but better!

Mya-dorable! 2 February

woke up famishedSo the general rule is and always has been, no food in your room… When it’s like 3am and you’ve been sick w a wicked fever for days on end, you get cereal. In your room. At 3am. Cause that is what you asked for ever so nicely in a cute and sad sick voice and Mama just wants you to feel better and eat something!