Mya-dorable! 1 January

joyful swingingMya LOVES going to the park, and we haven’t been in a while. It was over due. We bundled up and walked down there and of course as she got to swinging she threw her hat off! All she wanted to do today was play with her best buddy, so we met her there and between that and the park, well, she was just SO happy.

Mya-dorable! 31 December

Going to workI spent the day cleaning upstairs, and Mya comes up, wearing her dance backpack, her too small owl hat crammed on her head backwards, with a BIG smile on her face, and declares “I’m going to work mama, bye!” *giggle* “Bye Mya, have a good day!” Her eyes light up,”Thanks, see you later!” Hahahaha. Okay kiddo… See you in like 5 minutes. Longest work day ever!

Mya-adorable! 30 December

imageSome mornings I just need a little extra time… Mya will play in her room with her blocks, read a book or two, or ask me if she can play with my iPad. This was an iPad morning (she was on her Reading Rainbow app today – LOVE it!) She apparently also thought digging out this hat, that doesn’t fit her anymore, was a good idea. In fact – she wore it off and on all day!

NOTE: I have no affiliations with reading rainbow – we just love it and wanted to give a shout out – 90% of Mya’s allowed iPad time is with this app, by her choice, and she asks for it every night before bed. Best subscription I have ever decided to get, ever.

Mya-dorable! 29 December

the TV worksWhen you haven’t watched any of your shows on TV in a while and you spent the entire morning playing with friends, well, you get surprised that the TV even works anymore (unless Daddy is home after work and magically turns it on with his Daddy awesomeness).

Mya-dorable! 28 December

add raisinsShe has a big mouthful of raisins as she is dumping them into the bowl… Because when you are making the best Oatmeal Raisin cookies ever (cause YOU made them) you have to sample the ingredients to make sure it is up to par… I think she approved since they ended up in the bowl. She loves to bake and is great at helping out in the kitchen!